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Feature Concrete provides a variety of concreting, landscaping and building services.

Building slabs

Any slab which will have a building built upon it needs engineering. Once you have engineers details of the slab you need, we can give you a price to construct the slab from excavation to finished slab.

Retaining walls

From excavation of footings to completed walls, we can construct a wide range of brick or masonry block walls to your specifications.


When we set up an area to pour concrete in, consideration must be given to where the water will flow.

Any grates or pits that are required are installed and connected to existing storm water pipes, if possible. If the existing storm water pipes are damaged or unable to cope with the increased surface of water catchment, a new line can be installed by our licenced drainers.


We are able to determine levels and set out a landscaping plan for you, but selecting and planting the right species of plants is something best left to the professionals.

We work closely with a number of landscaping professionals who can assist you in this regard.




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