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We can help you with all concreting matters, from slabs for buildings to decorative driveways.

Restoring old concrete which is showing its age but is still structurally sound, is a far more economical way than removing and re-pouring the concrete. This can be done by resurfacing the existing concrete, or may be as simple as cleaning and resealing. A tint can also be added to the seal to give the concrete a more vibrant colour.


Although you may feel your concrete colour is fading, it probably isn't, and it just needs re- sealing. Most colour hardeners in concrete these days are very durable and UV resistant. Stenciled, stamped and coloured concrete should be sealed to protect the colour and the concrete from dirt, grime, oil, ect. However the seal does wear off, and when you notice your concrete isn't as vibrant as it once was, it is time for a pressure clean and reseal. We can help you with this.


You can transform plain or worn concrete areas into an area that can dramatically change the appearance of your property, adding significant value and appeal at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Badly cracked concrete should not be resurfaced as the cracks are likely to reappear.

Fine cracks are repairable although no guarantee can be given that they will not reappear.


  • The concrete is pressure cleaned, and any repairs needed are undertaken
  • Primer and base coats are applied
  • A selected pattern is laid on top of the base coat
  • The Resurfacing formula is sprayed
  • The Pattern is removed and the surface cleaned
  • A Hardcoat sealer is then applied

Stenciled or Coloured

Stenciled concrete is as the name suggests a patterned concrete using a stencil pattern. There are a great range of patterns to choose from. We finish all our stenciled or coloured concrete by hand and therefore can create the finish of the concrete as smooth or textured as is required.

Coloured concrete requires the same method as stenciled concrete, but without the pattern.


  • Area is excavated to suitable depth with formwork and steel reinforcement placed
  • Concrete is poured and leveled, floated and trowled
  • Stencil pattern is laid
  • Colour hardener is thrown over pattern and trowled into drying concrete
  • A second coat of color is applied and the desired finish placed on the concrete surface
  • Stencil is removed and the concrete surface cleaned
  • Any further control joints are cut into the surface of the dry concrete
  • A coat of concrete sealer is applied


Stamped concrete can give you concrete which will look like slate or tile.

With the shiny slate finish of stamped concrete, you may find that when wet, it can become slippery, and so consideration must be given if using it on steep grades or around pools. In these instances, coloured or stenciled concrete may be a better option as a non slip finish can be obtained.


  • Area is excavated to a suitable depth with formwork and steel reinforcement placed
  • Concrete is poured, leveled and trowled smooth
  • Colour hardener is applied and trowled smooth
  • The colour release agent is applied
  • The concrete surface is imprinted with stamping mats and let dry (2 days)
  • The surface is washed to remove all excess powders
  • A coat of hardcoat sealer is applied

For services such as retaining walls, drainage and landscaping, see related services.


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